Welcome to our farm

The name of our farm is „Ram paradise ranch“. The original owner was a man with a cowboy heart. The history of this farm and breeding wheel goes all the way to the beginning of the last century.

The far mis located in a small settlement Castkov near village Zumberk in the beautiful countryside of the foothills Iron mountains in the Pardubice region.

We sell pedigree gimmers and romanov rams genotyp ARR/ARR, ARR/ARQ. We also sell pedigree Clun Forest rams and in the near future Clun Forest gimmers genotyp ARR/ARR.

Our sheep are bruceloza, maedi visna a brucela ovis negativ. There is no problem to export those animals. We can také care of all the dokument you need for transport.

We also sell fatstock lambd.

We own six beautifull Irish Cob mares, one stallion and some foals.

If you are interested in our animals or services please contact us at info@beraniraj.cz in English or in German language. Thank you.


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